rar rar rar :P very rough pass
Flame thrower mouth monster! WIP animation
dragon idle variant, this time with smoke and a moment of rest from the head swaying. Thoughts?
dragon idle. Trying to find the right balance of animating focal areas without going overkill.
Day 22: Verb
Day 21: Pokemon Fusion
I got a Butterusaur.Butterfree and Venusaur
Pretty neat. Reminds me of something that could be in Godzilla.
Day 20: cartoon character in hyper real style
I didn’t follow directions! No time.
But, here is an ape wearing a tie. :I
Day 19: Tattoo
Day 18: Phobia
… lots of small dots/holes on things.
I think most people get grossed out by that even if they don’t have the phobia. Definitely gives shivers. I did not want to draw something nasty so I made it sort of cute… I guess…
Day 17: Hallucination
seeing things in the wood grain
Day 16: Dream
There was a lot of ants crawling around in one of my dreams. It wasn’t really creepy, just curious. I had the impression that the ants were good or neutral. Later on in the dream, there was a creepy aggressive worm/centipede/bitey thing attacking things.
I’ve been watching a lot of this show lately. I’m now in season 5. :O
I felt this was appropriate for the “hair” topic.